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Episode 8 - Tony K (Part 2 of 2) and the Punk Rock Pussay


Tony Kiritsis and the Dead Man's Line (Part 2)

Tony Kiritsis and Dick Hall press conference
Tony Kiritsis (right) and Dick Hall (left) at the press conference

Now, after leaving you on a cliffhanger, for the most part, I needed more time to make sure to get this clear on what happens the next two days and his trial.

After speeding down Washington Street in Indianapolis, Tony would hold Dick Hall hostage for two days in his apartment at Crestwood Village on the west side of the city. He would inform LEO that he had the doors and windows rigged with explosives, and LEO took this threat seriously as later evidence showed in his trial he had purchased dynamite recently as evidence.

Now, this is where there isn’t a whole lot of detailed information on what happened. I couldn’t find much information about what went on for the next two days during the standoff at his apartment, except this is where he would make his demands and also make phone calls to WIBC News Radio (commercial radio station) wanting to talk to a reporter by the name of Fred Heckman, and he would become a key person in this whole case. As he would air Tony’s calls live on the air to get the truth out about Meridian Mortgage.

This is also where he would make his demands clear on what he would want. His demands were:

  • An apology from the mortgage company

  • Financial compensation of 5 million dollars from Meridian Mortgage

  • Granted Immunity from prosecution and no psychiatric evaluation. (He would state more than once he is sane and sober and hasn’t had a drink in years)

Tony would be able to hold off police from entering by telling LEO that he had the whole place rigged with dynamite as he was considered a booby trap expert from his time in the army.

SWAT snipers that were positioned across from his apartment could confirm that he did, in fact, have his place wired with some kind of device, taking them out of the equation to rescue Dick Hall. SWAT would also report that there was a large weight that he would chain Hall to when he got tired of holding the shotgun.

SWAT officers could see wires running from the bedroom window and the sliding glass doors on his balcony running further into the apartment but couldn't confirm what they were attached to. They could see straws and keys attached to the windows and nylon cord running from the window and the balcony doors to the interior of his apartment. Without fully knowing the purpose behind what they were attached to this, would take SWAT snipers as a resolution to the standoff.

There isn’t any information I could find on the purpose of the straws other than what my guess is to possibly mimic an explosive attached to the windows of his apartment, along with the keys. The keys could have possibly acted as some type of alarm when they fell and hit the floor. Tony would have his apartment stocked with food for about a week.

It was originally reported by the news that he had containers of nitroglycerin and dynamite rigged up in his apartment, but this was not the case. Kiritsis did have an incendiary device set up in his apartment attached to these wires snipers could see. There are more details available about this device available online, but I’m not sure if it's even legal for me to talk about such things, so for the sake of keeping us free and clear of any possible legal trouble, I am not going to be sharing them with you.

At the end of our last episode, I said I couldn’t find a lot of info on what went on inside Kiritsis's apartment until I found a few news interviews with Dick Hall going over what happened.

Hall would recount in one of three interviews that after arriving at Tony’s apartment, he would shift the shotgun around to where it's now facing Dick Hall and sit at Tony’s dining room table. Tony would tell him we are going to have a jury trial and claim that he is “the judge, the jury, and executioner.” Tony would have about 100 questions about events that had happened but I couldn’t find these questions anywhere.

Dick Hall would also call his dad at one point during the standoff and say to him, “Dad, we wronged Tony we gotta do something to make it right.” It was one of the few phone calls he allowed Hall to make, but for some unknown reason did not listen in on this but could tell by Hall’s face he didn’t get the answer he wanted. He would also talk to his wife as well in a phone call and tell her, “Tony is a really good man; he has a good heart.” Tony would take the phone and tell Hall's wife, “I got a black heart…”

When asked about what went on in Kiritsis’ apartment during the nights he was held there, and whether he argued with Tony or just played it quiet, Dick said, “Actually, I was doing a little of both. I had the position that I shouldn't let him run over me if I could help it, and so I kind of stood up to him from time to time and argued with him, but then it got to the point where he became a little unmanageable. He pistol-whipped me with the revolver a couple of times when I raised objections too much. I raised my fist at him a couple of times, and that really infuriated him. Other times, he was just an ordinary guy. We were kind of buddy-buddy. He told me some of his life stories. He teared up sometimes talking about his mother.”

LEO would make attempts to calm Tony down by having his friends in LEO try and talk to him as well as the one brother he still talked to, Jimmie Kiritsis, who finds out his brother is in the middle of a hostage situation like the rest of the world had, and I have a quote from him from the Deadman’s line documentary on when he got the news.

"I was called by my wife by radio to “Call home right away,” so I pulled into a shell station asking an employee named Steve to use his telephone. Steve told me to look at the tv “look at what the hell is going on in indy” I looked up and said, “ my god, that's my brother” you think the worst when you see something like that, someone getting killed or killing someone when you see something like that. I called frank love (isp Sgt), and I told him I’d be on my way. Love responded don't drive we are sending a helicopter where can it land."

Jimmie, the police, and Fred Heckman would have issues trying to contact Tony over the next two days because of random people calling Tony’s phone in support of him because, by now, every News station in the area was reporting on this story.

By the end of Day 1, Tony would get his apology from Meridian Mortgage.

This statement has been authorized by Mr. M.L. Hall, The chairman of the board of Meridian Mortgage and Hall-Hottel. This is a public apology to Anthony Kiritsis for all wrongs Meridian Mortgage, or Hall-Hottel have committed with respect to Mr. Kiritsis.


On the morning of Day 2, Tony wants to make a statement about the mortgage company and have Fred Heckman play it on the air.

This statement is where Tony would make claims that Meridian mortgage company had moved in to lure any of Tony’s possible clients so they could foreclose on his land to buy it cheaper for their own developments. Tony would make this claim multiple times to Television and Radio stations.

His brother Jimmie would also clear the air about some of the rumors going around that Tony was demanding 5 million dollars in ransom and that he held his sister hostage for 50k years ago. Tony’s attorney, John C. Ruckelshaus II, to see if immunity was even a possibility for Tony.

The national guard was brought up from Ft. Benjamin Harrison bomb squad or EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). They believed they could diffuse the situation with tony by breaking through an interior wall adjacent to Tony’s apartment but he had heard about this plan on the radio, and this now put an end to this possibility to end this situation.

The FBI would send in Patrick Mullaney, a hostage negotiator a psychologist for the FBI at the request of IPD. After he arrives, he is able to put a profile together of Tony and is now assisting the IPD and ISP with tips on what to say and what not to do to get control of the situation. Mullaney, in a nutshell, tells them to let Tony be in control because once you take that away from him, he becomes dangerous.


By this time, Tony’s emotions are starting to be all over the place, anywhere from anxious, happy, and depressed at times, but they were constantly changing. Mullaney from the FBI is now suggesting making upbeat comments to Tony during negotiations to pep him back up when talking to him because he is afraid if they don't keep him talking, people are going to die.

In the evening of Feb 9th George Martz, the Deputy prosecutor for Marion county reads a statement granting tony Kiritsis immunity

"Mr. Anthony George Kiritsis,

The Marion County prosecutor, James F. Kelly, does hereby confer and grant to Mr. Anthony George Kiritsis immunity from prosecution with reference to the abduction of Richard Hall. And all subsequent acts done or alleged to have been done or caused by the said Anthony George Kiritsis. This document is signed by James F. Kelly, and authorized by David L Rimstidt."

James Kelly also made it clear that this would be enforced since tony was watching the news and listening to the radio the entire time.

Fred Mullaney suggests building a stage to draw Tony out of his apartment as they would expect Tony would see this, and this is where he should be at. While they are building this stage, his attorney is calling him to let him know that he got the note of 5 million dollars, but he isn’t getting an answer. Suddenly a news reporter outside spots Kiritsis and Hall leaving the apartment and making their way to the lobby. The lobby of the apartment building is full of reporters and LEO along with Fred Mullaney.

Fred Mullaney is still profiling Tony as now he is in the same room with him while Dick Hall is reading off a statement he had wrote stating they mistreated Tony and would pay him 5 million dollars in damages. Tony would become irritated with Hall’s reading of it and read it himself. Normally I would put an audio Clip in here of what was said but this press conference lasted about 31 minutes and I will share that, plus his original 911 call. He would say in an interview that “Tony was starting to look as if he was getting ready to shoot him and get suicidal.”

One of the Pulitzer Prize photos would be taken at this time which also kinda frames up a plan the LEO would have ready just in case they felt they needed to take out Tony.

Chief Eugene Gallagher came up with a plan. In a plan to neutralize Tony, they had talked to medical professionals about the way to kill tony instantly if they felt the situation arose, and they were told to put a gun behind his ear and pull the trigger. The signal to execute the plan would be for Ghallager would drop a handkerchief. While another officer would try to game the cylinder where the shells are ejected, which was impossible as tony had a sleeve over it. Chief Gallagher said in an interview, “I had started to pull that handkerchief out of my pocket three times, but I would put it back.”

During the press conference, Tony would introduce people and give thanks to those that were fair and supported him And would apologize for his language, and this had to happen before they leave.

They would move into a separate room as Tony would wait for his money before he finally release hall. After he gets his note signed, he releases hall and steps outside, firing his shotgun, proving it was loaded the entire time. Shortly after this, he would be quickly arrested and taken to the county jail. In a press conference, it would be revealed that Immunity and the bank note were all just a ruse to persuade Tony to come out to save Dick Hall’s life. Dick Hall would attend this press conference, where he would be applauded in a standing ovation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what was said, or I had lost it in my notes what he did say in this post-incident conference.

So what actually happened was, The mortgage company would give him extensions to pay his mortgage on the land he had purchased from them. They did this repeatedly but when they stopped giving these extensions, where tony thought they were trying to cheat him and interfere with his efforts to develop the land, hoping to buy it back cheaper, but there wasn't any evidence to back that claim up.

During his trial, his older sister would testify that this was similar to when he broke into her home 8 years prior and held her at gunpoint for 3 days to demand a settlement for work that he did at their family-owned trailer park. Like the situation with Dick hall, he demanded 55k and not be sent to a psychiatrist and not to press charges.

He would be found not guilty by reason of insanity on October 21st after 14 days as the jury almost became a hung jury with multiple different votes to get their verdict. It believed that the jury was swayed by feeling sorry for being screwed out of the land. One of the jurors would be interviewed talking about when Tony was on the stand he would recall having to push an ice cream cat for up to 12 hours a day at nine years old. Also, he and his siblings would have to collect the used paper cups and wash them out to be reused to save money. One time he was severely beaten by his father in public view because some cars had run over some of the cups that they didn’t pick up fast enough. And he could relate to that more than you could ever know.

Tony would eventually be held in contempt of court and incarcerated in various mental health facilities after refusing to submit to psychological evaluations in November of 1977. He would be incarcerated until 1988 in various mental health facilities across Indiana and would lead a peaceful life until his death in 2005. To tie into a previous episode, he is buried in Crown Hill Cemetary from Episode 3.

Don Campbell, Indianapolis Police Department.

"I saw Tony the day he got released at Charlie Brown’s restaurant in Speedway. Here’s a guy who spent 11 years in mental hospitals and prisons, and he looked exactly the way he did the day he got arrested. He hadn’t changed at all. And he walked up to me and said, “Do I know you from before or after I got in trouble?” I said, “During.” He said, “You’ve got my shotgun, don’t you?” I told him it wasn’t going to do either of us any good because it had been decommissioned. He just laughed. That’s the last time I ever saw him. "

In response to the verdict, the law was changed if the insanity defense was mounted. The defense would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt their client is insane. This type of plea is only entered in .85% of cases and is often withdrawn.

One of the things I found interesting about this was that Dick Hall was able to stay out of the spotlight for 40 years after this happened. But I can understand why he would going through such a traumatic experience. People close to Hall would say he was a well-rounded and outgoing person before this all happened and now he is quieter than before and seemed depressed.

He would only speak of it publicly three times in his entire life, not counting the trial. After the stand-off in a press conference,a crafty high school student wanting to get a new angle on the story. I mentioned her story briefly in the previous episode, in which she would go on to win an award in a state competition for journalism. And the last time would be during a television interview when promoting the book he wrote on it named “Kiritsis and Me: Enduring 63 hours at gunpoint”

By 1980 he would leave Meridian Mortgage Anyone close to Dick Hall wouldn’t give anything on where his whereabouts are some would even say he was dead. Richard Hall would pass away on May 20 of this year, 2022, from a brief illness.



Cat-Sidhe: The Fairy Cat

Fairy Cat
The Cat-Sidhe, or The Fairy Cat

It has been well-documented, and even immortalized in books, movies, and TV, that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. And you know that housecats walk around like they expect you to worship them, the bastards. I know ours certainly do. But in Ancient Celtic mythology, the feline species were not only there to worship…they also just happened to be magical beings straight from the fairy realm.

Enter the Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe (CAUGHT-SHEE) or in the English translation - “The Fairy Cat”.

The Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe is said to travel with its counterpart the Cu-Sith / Cu-Sidhe (The Fairy Dog). It resembles a large black cat with a white spot on its chest. It’s told as being as large as a dog and chooses to display itself with its back arched and fur standing on its back. You know…the typical Halloween-type black cat…only a lot bigger. However, it is also said that they could walk on two legs and even speak to humans if they wanted to. Not so typical now huh? Just kidding….as most of them were in disguise, they resorted to walking on all 4 legs and meowing or purring as a means of communicating with the human folk.

Legend tells us that the cat haunts to Scottish Highlands. The Legend surrounding this creature is more often found in Scottish folklore, however, there are some also found in Irish folklore. Common folklore suggests the Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe was not a fairy but instead was a witch that could transform into a cat and back into it’s “human” form nine times. If the witch chose to go back into cat form for the ninth time they would then remain a cat for the rest of their life, however long that may be. This is believed to be where the idea of a cat having nine lives came to be. Bet you didn’t know that! Cause I sure as fuck didn't.

People from the Scottish Highlands did not trust the Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe because they believed it could steal a person's soul prior to it being claimed by the gods. They did this by passing over a corpse before it was buried. People would watch over the corpses day and night to keep the cat-sith away from the corpses. They called this act of watching over the bodies “Late Wake”. In order to distract the Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe, they found ways to lure them away from the dead…there would be games of leaping and wrestling, catnip, music, and riddles. Definitely, good ways to keep a cat occupied. Additionally, there were never any fires lit anywhere near the corpses for two reasons. 1 - so the bodies would not warm up, obviously, because the last thing you want to do is keep a dead body warm… and 2 - because the fire would only attract the Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe because of the warmth.

The Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe is quite possibly the very first folklore tale that is responsible for the modern-day association with black cats and Halloween. On Samhain, it’s believed that Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe would bless any home that left them a saucer of milk to drink. They would bless them with predictions of the future, forecasting the weather, and bring them good fortune in general. The houses that did not leave out a saucer, well, their source of milk would run dry…and I mean literally. Their cow's titties would dry up. Only powdered milk from here on out.

A demonic Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe named Big Ears could be summoned. They would grant you any wish, but only if you partook in the ceremony. The ceremony required participants to burn the bodies of cats over the course of four days and nights.

In other tales, Cat-Sith / Cat-Sidhe had been guardians. Symbols of Celtic warriors. They were powerful yet feared. They were hell-bent on exposing your darkest secrets. This resulted in the Ancient Celts viewing all cats with suspicion, and furthermore believing that if a cat - ESPECIALLY a black cat - was seen lurking around a graveyard at night, it was automatically a bad omen.

Now for me personally, I love cats, I always have. My family has always had a cat or three at any point in my life. I love love LOVE black cats, they have always been my favorite. My very first cat was a black cat named Cleo. I love the idea of them being from the fairy realm, and even to think that after I lost Cleo, that he made his way back to the world of the fae.

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