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The Micro-Peen Regime


The Death of Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall, neo-Nazi
Jeff Hall, Murdered neo-Nazi

Background / History

He had been married to Leticia Neal and had two kids with her - Joseph and Shirley. Jeff and Leticia divorced soon after the birth of Joseph in June of 2000. Leticia went on to have twins with another man. In 2003, both of the twins were taken to the hospital where they stayed for quite some time due to failure to thrive. This resulted in CPS removing Jeff Hall's two children as well. The Social workers had reported that Leticia’s house had no gas or electricity. They also reported there were maggots on the dishes, and that the children were filthy, malnourished, and consistently had bruises. At this point, Jeff was on probation for driving under the influence. As a result, both of his children were placed with their grandmother temporarily until 2004 when Jeff was granted full custody back.

After divorcing Leticia, Jeff married a woman named Krisa McCary and had three more children with her - all girls this time. By the time he died, he had five children in total. His previous wife had moved out of California and had remarried. However, she returned to the area only one month before Jeff was murdered, all in an attempt to regain custody of their son, Joseph.

The grandmother that had custody had said that Jeff and Letetia’s son Joseph was a truly volatile child. She said he had been expelled from numerous schools for attacking staff and students. He had nearly choked a teacher with a phone cord. As a result, Joseph and his sisters had been home-schooled by their parents after that, with the guidance of River Springs Charter School.

Neo-Nazi Bullshit

There was a three-year stretch where Jeff was working as a plumber but had been finding it extremely difficult to find work due to the economic demise of construction-related jobs. However, this also could have been partly due to the fact that his perception that Jews and other non-whites were the reason the job market was thinning.

So, what do you do when you’re unable to find a job because it’s being “oversaturated” with non-whites? Well, you become the leader of your local Neo-Nazi movement of course.

In October 2009, Jeff ran a group from the National Socialist Movement in a rally near a day laborer site in Riverside, California. This was the nation's largest neo-Nazi group. They had worn WW2-era Nazi attire. The platform for their movement was to advocate for limiting citizenship to those that were not of pure white blood and deporting people of color.

In November of 2009, an interview came out about the rallies happening in Riverside, Arizona, and Minnesota. Jeff said “They’re proud of who they are, tired of white guilt being shoved on their kids and multiculturalism. They can’t see any reason for it.”

In 2010, Jeff decided to run for election against an incumbent for the Western Municipal Water District Board as a white supremacist. He didn’t get the job, he barely even got ⅓ of the votes.

In March of 2011, Jeff and his dumbass group of two dozen racist fucks went to the streets in a very affluent neighborhood in Claremont which lies within Los Angeles County. This area is often called “The City of Trees and PhDs.” They showed up waving swastika flags, chanting white power, and giving Nazi salutes to the counter-protestors. They were being belligerent and screaming, causing confrontations with the counter-protesters that were immigrant rights activists. Jeff Hall went on to say “We patrol the borders, we see the devastation, we see the drugs, we know the reality.” There were dozens of police officers there in case the 2 sides collided and a fight broke out.

A mere 12 hours prior to his death, there was a reporter from The New York Times in his house interviewing him and his crew. The interviewer also spoke to ten-year-old Joseph, who proudly displayed his leather belt that had a silver buckle of the Nazi symbol that his father had given him.


Jeff Hall had bragged that he was teaching Joseph to use night-vision goggles and how to shoot a gun. Unfortunately, he was also teaching his son how to be deadly. Joseph would tell police of how on May 1, 2010, he took a .357 revolver from the shelf closet, pull the hammer back, aim the gun at his 32-year-old father’s ear while he was asleep on the couch - and shoot him to death before running upstairs and tossing the gun under his bed to hide it.

Joseph had told police that the day prior to him killing his father, his father had been threatening to remove every smoke detector from the house, and then burn it down - with the whole family inside of it. Joseph admitted that he was exhausted from being physically and emotionally abused by Jeff, as well as by seeing the same abuse happen to his mother, at the hand of his father.

Joseph’s 26-year-old stepmother Krista had also spoken out against Jeff. Stating that he was extremely violent with herself and with his son, Joseph. That Jeff would lose control sometimes and kick his son in the back. He would punish his children daily with varying extremes.

One of the police reports said that the house was disgusting, the floor was trashed with dirty clothes, and the house itself smelled like urine. They also said that there were many weapons kind of just laying around, and accessible to the children in the house.

Joseph was arrested and taken to a local Juvenile Hall. The other four children in the house were taken into protective custody. Joann Patterson, Jeff Hall’s mother, was given temporary custody of the 4 other children. In a 60 Minutes interview, she said Joseph had been misbehaving by starting fires. She said with little humor that she was not surprised that he killed his father, but that she had expected it to happen when he was a little more grown up and not when he was 10.

Krista was arrested and charged with 5 felony accounts of child endangerment and four counts of criminal storage of a firearm.

Joseph stated that his reason for killing his father was due to abuse, however, an episode of Criminal Minds was what solidified it for him. In the episode he watched, he claimed he saw a child shoot their abusive father and get away with it without any consequences whatsoever. He said he also believed that, like on the show, daddy would wake up just fine and they would reconcile afterward. That obviously didn’t happen, and I’m hopeful that he learned a lesson, but who knows?

The Legal Shit

Joseph’s attorney had originally sought a defense of not guilty by reason of insanity. That would have meant that if he had been convicted at that time, he would not have been able to be incarcerated past the age of 25.

On January 14, 2013, after a four-month trial, Joseph was found guilty of second-degree intentional murder. There was no denying he did it, he admitted to it. However, the judge wondered if Joseph had the mental capacity to understand the difference between right and wrong. Joseph had been diagnosed with emotional, cognitive, and developmental disabilities from a younger age due to the regular beatings he endured at the hand of his father. During this trial, Joseph had been denied the correct assessments that were deemed necessary to completely understand his special needs. However, he still killed his father, so the show went on, and Joseph would become California’s youngest-ever prisoner as he served his 10 years in the Division of Juvenile Justice.

He is set to be released when he is 23 - which will be sometime this year.



The Origins of Death Row Inmates Last Meals

Deathrow's Last Meal
Deathrow's Last Meal Option

If I were to say last meal or last supper, images of Jesus Christ surrounded by his disciples may come to mind with Easter being only a few weeks away. Or maybe a lone death row inmate confined to a cell surrounded by food. It could even be a loved one in their final moments wanting one last sweet treat of a root beer float. Whether it be of your faith, a crime, or one final memory before passing on through the veil on your own terms, everyone wants a last meal of some sort.

The last meal is commonly associated with death row inmates but, it has been up for debate for years on its origins. Some scholars believe it originated in Ancient Greece and in Rome as well. In Ancient Greece, it was believed you had to feed the condemned to be executed, so they could cross the river Styx into the underworld and not return as a hungry ghost.

Whereas the Roman gladiators would feast on meals days before entering the coliseum. Their meals varied from meats and cheeses, goat's milk, eggs, and barley. Some of their final meals would consist of barley, boiled beans, oatmeal, and ash. They believed this meal would help protect arteries with fat to prevent bleeding out and help fortify the body of the fighters, as where most gladiators that entered the area fought to the death.

The last meal wouldn’t become more established until the 16th century in England. Laws were harsh in this time period, death sentences by hanging could be issued from minor crimes as stealing a chicken, insulting the king or even witchcraft, As most prisoners were helped in Newgate prison in London. They would be hanged in Tyburn three miles away. Often only being fed bread and water unless you could afford the hangman’s meal. The hangman’s meal would consist of stopping at a pub along the route accompanied by guards and your executioner where you would “have a great bowl of ale to drink at their pleasure as their last refreshment in life.” This hangman’s meal was to be more symbolic gesture.

This ritualistic meal would be shared between the condemned and their executioner. It was to reinforce the idea that they were acting on behalf of the orders passed down by the crown, and they were simply enforcing the law. It was assumed the prisoner would be forgiving to the executioner for doing what he was about to do and acknowledge his crime was against the state and not the person themself.

One of the earliest documented hangman’s meals was of Susanna Margaretha Brand in 1772. Susanna would be put on trial and executed by decapitation by sword for killing her newborn son. Preparing for her execution, Susanna would sit down to a feast of three pounds of bratwurst, ten pounds of beef, six pounds of baked carp, twelve pounds of lamb roast, soup, cabbage, bread, dessert which wasn’t specified what type, and eight liters (2 gallons) of wine.

In the new world, it was believed that The puritans of Massachusetts would set the last meal for the condemned to emulate the last supper of Christ. Over the centuries, the fanfare of the hangman’s meal would fade away to what is depicted in movies and television today. The sole prisoner counting down the minutes, hoping a last second appeal will buy them sometime. But in the state of Louisiana, Warden Burl Cain would routinely invite condemned prisoners to eat their last meal with him and invited guests, offering a fellowship similar to Leonardo da Vinci’s last supper. Cain would still go on to supervise these executions but would always extend the invitation and inmates were not obligated to accept. I wasn’t able to find out how many prisoners accepted or declined his invitations in his 26 years as Warden.

Last meals would be carried out within one or two days before the execution. Alcohol and tobacco is often requested but are usually always denied most of the time. Unorthodox or unavailable items requested are generally substituted. For example, James Edward Smith convicted for murder and armed robbery in the state of Texas requested a lump of dirt. Of course his request was denied and was given a cup of yogurt instead. Smith wanted this lump of dirt to perform a Voodoo ritual in marking his body so his spirit can move on and not return as a ghost. Another longed believed request but has now been debunked was from Doug Stephener that first was reported wanted a child as his last meal as he was a convicted pedophile cannibal.

All 50 states had offered a last meal to condemned prisoners until 2011 Texas death row inmate Lawrence Russell Brewer, convicted of a hate crime, would ask for his last meal. The day of Brewers last meal, inmates were served sloppy joes, navy beans, creamed corn, and sliced bread. Lawrence Russell Brewer’s last meal would consist of:

  1. two chicken fried steaks,

  2. a triple bacon cheeseburger,

  3. a cheese onlt with geound beef, tomatoes, onions bell peppers and jalapeños.

  4. A pound of barbecue with a loaf of white bread,

  5. a bowl of fried okra with ketchup

  6. three fajitas,

  7. a meat lovers pizza.

  8. One pint of Blue Bell Ice cream.

  9. A slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts

  10. and three root beers.

After his request was granted and presented his last meal in a last act of defiance against the state of Texas would refuse the meal stating he isn’t hungry. Up to this point Texas was known for its tradition of customized last meals for death row inmates since 1924 and sine he didn’t the slightest bit of it and Texas would put an end to last meas and server inmates whatever is on the menu that day. Since then a petition has appeared on to try an reinstate this in Texas but as you would guess it hasn’t gotten anywhere with only 15 of the 25 required signatures.

As the rest of the United States still grant last meal requests, a majority of these states follow the same guidelines based on availability and legality. Other states like Florida and Oaklahoma would put monetary restrictions on these meals. Florida would limit the last meal to 40 dollars and be purchased locally and Oaklahoma would limit their last meal budget to 25 dollars.

I tried to see if federal prisons varied differently from state run prisons but I just kept getting cycled back to the same articles as before. Even though I did find some fun sciency fun bits.

A study conducted by Cornell University looked at the last meals of 247 executed inmates between 2002 and 2006 that maintained their innocence to the very end before riding the lightning would reject their last meal three times more than those that had accepted their guilt.

These researchers also found those “at peace” with their guilt would consume 34 percent more calories than those that still caimed innocent. The concluded that this was a way prisoners were telling the executioners to shove it so to speak about them being wrongly convicted.

I really wanted to stay away from making a huge list of last meal requests from death row inmates but friends of the show at Dark Windows Podcast have an excellent episode about that if you are curious to hear some. It is Ep 66 posted in April 2019. So go give them a listen if you haven’t yet. And to maybe entice you to go give them a listen they go over the details of one last meal that contains 29 thousand calories. What I am going to give you three more last meals that you may or may not of heard of.

Human garbage Nazi Officer Adolph Eichmann tried and convicted of war crimes and cimes against humanity during WW2 would request a bottle of Carmel and a dry red wine from Israel that could be seen as rubbing salt in the wound to those of the Jewish faith.

Indiana’s last death row inmate that was executed in 2009, Matthew Erick Wrinkles probably has the most midwest last meal I could think of. Wrinkles was convicted of 3 counts of murder would have prime rib with a baked potato, pork chops with steak fries, two salads with ranch dressing and rolls.

Ricky Ray Rector of Arkansas death sentence would be contrivesal as he left mentally disabled after trying to take his own life after killing a police officer. His last meal would consist of steak, fried chicken, cherry kool-aid, and pecan pie. He left the pie on the tray and tell officers he was saving it for later. His pie wouldn’t be discarded until after he was executed. It could be that guards felt it to be the right thing to do because of Rector’s disability.

The late artist Juli Green would have a decades long art project known as “The Last Supper.”

Julie Green would collect clippings of execution notices and paint over 800 plates with last meals of executed death row inmates. These plates are currently on display at the Bellvue Art Musuem in Bellvue, Washington.

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