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Episode 59 - The McClure Family Murder


The McClure Family

McClure Family Murder, daughter/wife, daddy/husband, nasty
The McClure Family and their victim.

In the early part of 2019, John McGuire and his girlfriend at the time, Amanda McClure were living together in Owatonna, Minnesota. They both had a crazy drug addiction, namely to meth. Neither one of them were working, or even seeking work, so as soon as their money dried up, so did the ability to pay for their addiction.

Amanda got the bright idea to go out to West Virginia to reunite with her estranged biological father, 55-year-old Larry McClure. Amanda however had every intention for her and John to move in there and take money from dear old dad to pay for their meth. I say estranged because Larry had been absent for damn near all of Amanda’s life. Both she and her sister, Anna Choundhary had been adopted at a young age and lived in Boone, North Carolina. While Larry had spent 17 years in prison for the sexual assault of one of his young family members in July of 1998. And by young I mean between the ages of 6 and 12. He was put on the sex offender’s registry for this crime alone. At the time he committed these acts, his own daughters would have been the same age as the family member he assaulted. After he was released from prison, he got in contact with his daughters. So they didn’t really have a relationship at all, until both daughters were in their 30s. 

Amanda and John set out to West Virginia from Minnesota but unfortunately, they would hit Indiana and their car would die on them. Amanda called Larry and asked for him to drive from his home in West Virginia to come and pick them up. So Larry took the opportunity to have a family reunion basically. He called Amanda’s sister, Anna, and asked if she wanted to get together - she said yes, so they met and drove all the way to Indiana to pick up Amanda and John. They made it back to Larry’s trailer and got comfortable. 

Larry, Amanda and Anna were all able to reconnect as sisters/daughters/father. They also got to know each other as addicts. Since Larry knew why Amanda wanted to stay with him (no money for meth), he decided he would take them out and they would buy the ingredients to make their own meth. There was no hesitation in this plan whatsoever. Amanda and John were dopesick, and they needed it.

Larry was unable to track down a ‘perfect’ recipe for meth, so they just kind of threw everything together and cooked it. However, the would-be meth never crystallized, so they just exclaimed it was a bad batch and poured all of the concoction into a jug. Perhaps for later use. By then the couple was really dopesick, so they just found a dealer and bought the meth they wanted. And it wouldn’t take long for the four of them to consume all of it.

During the first few days of the couple and Anna being at Larry’s house - his and Amanda’s relationship grew. So much so - that he told her he loved her. And not a love that a father should have for his daughter. This was a romantic love - and Amanda was all for it, and felt the same way about him. So John coming to Larry and explaining to him how much he loved his daughter, Amanda, didn’t really excite Larry. Instead, it angered him and this was pretty much the point at which John was no longer wanted in the home - by Larry or Amanda, as they had talked since being together and came to the conclusion that they - birth father and daughter - wanted to be together…forever, as an incestuous couple. John quickly became a burden, or better yet, an obstacle standing in the way of the new couple…Amanda and her dad.

John had actually been thoughtful, and looking forward to proposing to Amanda on Valentines day that year. He went out and bought dinner to cook for the two of them - steak and potatoes. He even got a bottle of wine for them to drink together. John didn’t realize that there definitely was some love going on - but it wasn’t between  him and his girlfriend. It was between his girlfriend and her dad.They did ultimately enjoy that dinner together, but while he was busy grilling the steak, Amanda was busy making plans with Larry and her sister Anna to cut John out of their lives for good.

The family trio planned to play a game with John that they called a “trust game.” This consisted of tying John up in a chair - with permission. John's legs were tied to the chair legs, leaving him very vulnerable. He would not have had any way of defending himself if need be. Unfortunately, he WOULD need to defend himself, as Larry went from having fun playing a game to having a wide sinister smile on his face. At this point, John was done and he bent down to untie his legs, just as his “girlfriend” walked up behind him and smacked him over the head with the bottle of wine he bought to share with her for Valentine’s day. 

They wound up tying John’s arms to the chair so that Larry could interrogate the fuck out of him because he was paranoid. Larry started off screaming “Who are you?” and John replied “I am John McGuire.” He had offered proof in the way of a social security card, but Larry believed that to be a fake. As paranoid as Larry was, he kept saying that John was a federal agent, and when they didn’t get the confession from John they expected to get, the three of them went all in and beat him. 

At one point, Anna injected John with the bad batch of meth they made that I talked about earlier. Larry had ordered her to do so, and she did by filling two vials full and injecting both of them straight into John’s carotid artery. Anna later on stated that she was absolutely sure that the “bad batch” of meth would have killed him.

However, John was stronger than they thought he would be. He didn’t die from the botched meth injections, in fact, it made his will even stronger. He tried fighting back, and yelling back at Larry about NOT being an agent.

After a couple days of this kind of torture and interrogation, Amanda wrapped a black plastic bag around his head while Anna strangled him with a rope as Larry held John down by standing on his chest. Once John went limp and he quit breathing, Larry ordered his daughters to go grab more bags so they could put John in it. He then ordered his daughters to go to the backyard and dig a hole to put his body in. They agreed and went outside to do just that. Once they had a shallow grave dug out, the three of them drug John’s lifeless body outside to the backyard, rolled him into the grave and then covered him up in dirt.

You would think it couldn’t possibly be any worse than this, right? Well, you’re wrong.

Just days after killing and burying John, Larry and Amanda really jumped into their relationship and it became very clear that DNA meant nothing to them. They were constantly having sex around the house, including right in front of Anna - who would just watch and not really think much of it. Both sisters were in their 30s at the time, so you know damn well that THEY knew what Amanda and Larry were doing was absolutely fucking disgusting.

At any rate, after six full days had gone by, and that entire time the McClures stayed high. They kept bringing John up, and getting paranoid that they hadn’t actually killed him, but just left him deeply unconscious. The only thing they could think to do in their methed up brains was to go in the backyard, and dig him up to make sure. While there were definitely signs that he was indeed dead, they couldn’t take any more chances so they grabbed a hammer and started to drive stakes into his body - vampire hunter style. They then proceeded to dismember John, right there in the backyard, before burying each part of him separately. Quicklime was also thrown in on top of each part to aid in the speeding up of his decomposition. At this point, after the murder of, then the exhumation and dismemberment of John, the trio agreed that he was indeed dead. 

The newly incest couple, and Anna of course, decided to celebrate a few weeks later by taking a ride down to Tazewell County, Virginia to get hitched with Anna as their witness. Now of course this couldn’t be done legally, so Larry used a fake name. They were married on March 11th in a Methodist church ceremony. I’m sure there was more debauchery afterwards, but I won’t put that back into your heads.

It didn’t take too long after the wedding before John’s ex reported him missing in June - stating that she nor the three children they had together had heard from him in any way, shape or form since February. You’d think they would have reported it sooner, but who am I?

One of John’s daughters had actually been making posts on Facebook and Twitter asking for information on the whereabouts of her dad. It said: “I'm posting this in hopes to find out the whereabouts of my dad John Thomas Mcguire A.K.A "Bama". The last know status of him was that he was leaving to go see his mother in Alabama who has been sick, but unfortunately he has not made it to see her. The last contact he had with anyone was on Feb.18th and since then there has been nothing at all. I am very concerned for his well being and safety. I'm asking for help to locate my dad or if anyone has any information on the whereabout' of John to please,please contact me or my mother Angela Erickson via FB Messenger. Dad, if you're reading this please contact me or someone so we know you're ok and we are praying for you and your safe return home! love n miss you.” 

They were understandably worried about him. None of his friends or family even knew that he left with Amanda to go to West Virginia. He told no one. Whether this was oversight, or Amanda asking him not to, who knows. 

During this time when John’s family was searching for him, the newly, yet illegally, married father and daughter decided it was high time to move, so they did. They moved to Kentucky, and Larry’s dumb ass “forgot” to let authorities knew that he moved - so he was essentially missing as well. However, this would be something much larger for Larry, since he forgot to let the authorities know his whereabouts, let alone the fact that he moved across state lines. This was an automatic strike against his parole rules/requirements. Once he was found in September of 2019, he was immediately arrested for this reason.

Larry sat in jail on a parole violation but couldn’t be there alone - what happened next was absolutely NOT out of feeling bad about what happened - he wanted the authorities to know before they searched his place and they connected the clues and evidence together and he’d be the one pinned for the murder.. He asked to speak to a police officer about a murder he was ‘aware’ of and he held nothing back. 

He told the police everything that had happened, and that included both of his daughter’s involvement, so he threw them right under the bus because he didn’t want to be the only one getting in trouble. He stated how Amanda was the actual mastermind behind the entire thing, and that he also didn’t know what her motive was behind killing him. Though he did speak up and say that it could have been the money John was getting. See, John was getting a monthly check from Social Security - and Amanda continued to cash them after she killed him. So maybe it was money for Larry, since HE was the one pushing to get John out of the picture.

He admitted to them about Amanda and himself killing John and gave them the exact location for all parts of John in his backyard in West Virginia. The Kentucky authorities made contact with the West Virginia authorities and they set out to Larry’s place to look in the backyard. Sure enough, on September 24th, 2019, John’s body was unearthed yet again.

The entire thing in court was stupid, all three of them sat there trying to put all of the blame on each other - even though all three of them confessed to helping commit John’s murder. Anna said that Amanda and Larry both demanded that she help kill John, and that if she didn’t, they would hurt her and/or her children. Amanda said that her father/husband manipulated her into doing it because he was jealous and didn’t want any other man in her life besides him…barf. Larry said it was the entire thing from killing John to digging him up and dismembering him was all Amanda’s idea, but also that Anna played a part because she used to date John, and had a child with him - so revenge I guess.. 

Larry wrote a confession letter three months after confessing everything to the police. In it, he stated, “I just want it over. No trial, no taxpayer’s money spent for trial. I plead guilty or no contest. All I can do is hope for mercy on this. I will say I am sorry for my part in this.”

Less than a month later, Amanda and Anna were both picked up for the murder of John McGuire. Both Larry and Amanda were charged with second-degree murder after she followed in her father/husband’s footsteps and threw her sister Anna under the bus as a fellow participant in the crimes to get herself a lesser sentence. She was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Larry was sentenced to life in prison without the chance or parole.

Anna had her trial in April of 2020, and she was also charged with second-degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

John’s mother, Karen, talked to the court via video during the trial and said “I just really want to know why she (speaking about Amanda) thought she could be God and take my kid.” She went on to express how her grandkids are missing their father, and cry for him nightly. 

Karen did also ask Amanda why she did it. Amanda responded with “The only answer I can give you as to why things happened is John was with me. My dad didn’t want anyone else near me. John told Larry that he loved me and we were going to get married.” 

All of them plead guilty to their charges, so at least they weren’t stupid enough to try and fight them I guess.

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