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Episode 15 - Lestat! Please tell me it's Lestat!


Marcus Wesson: The "Vampire King" / cult leader of Fresno

Marcus Wesson, Vampire King, Cult Leader
The Vampire King of Fresno, Marus Wesson

What do you do when you believe yourself to be God??


Marcus Wesson was born on August 22nd, 1946 in Kansas. He was the eldest son of parents Benjamin and Carrie Wesson.

Father, Benjamin Wesson was a jobless alcoholic who was sexually depraved. He would flirt with his own children. He offered a family friend $50 to perform oral sex on him when he was just a child. Eventually, Benjamin ultimately ran away from his home and family life with a young male family member and moved to San Jose, California - but returned 10 years later.

Mother, Carrie Wesson was very religious. She was a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. She was also one for punishment. She would hit her children with extension cords if they refused to attend bible sessions every day.

Marcus Wesson, well, he loved to play the part of the preacher and would use scripture by bending what it said to meet his own perverse needs. He would get a bit older and quit school to go off and join the military where he would serve as an army medic. Upon honorable discharge from the Vietnam War, he started to date a woman named Rosemary Solorio.

Marcus and Rosemary’s Family

When the pair first met, Rosemary was already married, therefore she ended the marriage she was in and took her kids to move in with Marcus. Rosemary would give birth to their first shared child, a son, in 1971. But even through this, Marcus was building a…strange bong…with Rosemary’s daughter, Elizabeth. She would later on state that she heard Marcus tell her that God chose her to be his bride.

8-year-old Elizabeth would marry March, who was 27 at the time, in a private wedding ceremony. Four years after their wedding, Marcus would start sexually abusing her at the age of 12, but that didn’t stop her from LEGALLY marrying him when she was 15 years old. Four months after their legal marriage, Marcus who was 34 at this point, welcomed their first child together. There would be 10 more children birthed by Elizabeth, there would be 5 boys and 4 girls and one baby that died in infancy - and all of them were fathered by Marcus.

Rosemary was addicted to drugs and because of this, she could not care for the 7 children she had in her previous marriage. So, she left Marcus and left her 7 children with him. This left Marcus with 16 children in his “care”.

Like his father Benjamin, Marcus Wesson couldn’t hold a stable job and was okay with just living off of the system. The older children worked and paid Marcus their entire paychecks. For food, the children were forced to search through trash bins. However, it never failed that when Marcus wanted a greasy ass hamburger and fries, he always had the money for himself. Elizabeth would suffer severe abuse from Marcus. He refused to let her become involved in the upbringing of their 10 shared children, and the children Rosemary left behind. So, she fell back and just became another child in the house to him.

Brutality Towards the Children

Marcus did not allow the children to go to public school, so he made Elizabeth teach them at home. She used a handwritten bible that really honed in on the vampiric nature of Jesus Christ. Marcus also told his children to call him either “Lord” or “Master”, and let them know that HE was God. He also told them that Armageddon was coming soon and that he would eventually marry every girl in the household.

Marcus with his fucked-up logic was worried that his sons and daughters would start having sexual feelings toward one another, so he kept them apart from each other. For numerous months he’d confine the girls to a houseboat. The boys would stay in a thickly wooded area inside a cabin. Marcus would keep the girls around for his benefit since they could perform any and all requests made by him from scratching his armpits and belly to washing his hair for him. They basically became his personal slaves.

Marcus went on to marry two of his own daughters, and three of his nieces in private wedding ceremonies when they were only 8 or 9 years old. He was also sexually abusing them. He started to abuse them by fondling their breasts and genitals, then moved on to teaching them how to perform oral sex on him, and then as the final act - he would have intercourse with them. But let's be real…it was rape. He called each act of rape “lovely” after he finished and would tell the girls that it was the “fatherly” way to show his affection toward them. As a result of the incestuous relationships, he forced them into, five of his daughters would become pregnant. Marcus threatened them by saying if they ever disclosed who the father of their children was, he would hurt them. He would come to impregnate seven of his daughters, five of which were his wives. He fathered 18 children by 7 different females - 5 of which were his child brides, and he’d recite biblical verses to defend them when need be, as he loved their “sibling rivalry” and loved seeing the girls jealous of one another. He would state that “God wanted him to have more than one wife” before having the girls fight for his affection and private time.

Fascination with Cults

Marcus Wesson was intrigued by David Koresh - ya know, the cult leader from Waco, Texas, and how he had multiple wives. The entire family sat in front of the TV during the siege of the Waco compound in 1993, where 80 of Koresh’s followers died. Marcus told his family “this is how the world is attacking God’s people. This man is just like me. He is making children for the lord. That’s what we should be doing is making children for the lord”. The young girls saw themselves as good surrogates for Elizabeth since she could no longer bear children. After this, he turned his family into a little cult. They wore black skirts, either gray or black shirts, and black shoes. He described himself as Jesus Christ and declared that the police officers were Satan. Marcus taught his family to prepare for death in the case that anyone ever tried to break their family apart. He told his niece Rosa, and his daughter Sebhrenah that they were “strong soldiers” who WILL kill any family members that betrayed him.


Marcus also had a severe fascination with vampires. He gave himself, his daughters, and his niece's vampire names. The name he gave himself was Jevammarcsuspire - which is a mixture of Jesus, Marcus and Vampire. Gay.


There was a time when Ruby Sanchez, one of Marcus’ nieces, was just a teen and had teenage tendencies such as dating. Marcus had caught her flirting with a boy, and he became so enraged he beat the shit out of her. She attempted to run away numerous times but always returned. When Ruby was 22 when she chose to leave the home for good. Her sister, Sofina, went with her. After they left, they came to terms with the fact that the life that had been subjected to and were living was far beyond normal. They were extremely worried about the young siblings that they left behind.

Many of Marcus’ relatives, especially Ruby and Sofina, were disgusted by him and chose to stand up once and for all.

The Stand

On March 12th in 1994, relatives gathered together to call him out and demand the children be released from his home. They called the police and told them they needed them to come to 761 W. Hammond Ave. to help settle a custody matter that turned violent. Ruby and Sofina were surrounded by a large group of supporters, demanding the return of their small children. Unfortunately, the home’s occupation was unwilling to hand them over. The sisters were called “whores” and “bitches”. Sabhrenah Wesson even pointed to her father Marcus and told Ruby to “bend down to her lord” before running back inside the house to be with the other children.

The police arrived, and in the middle of the conflict stood Marcus Wesson, a 300-pound man with thick gray dreadlocks that fell to his knees. Each side screamed at the other and hurled insults while Marcus stood there calmly in the doorway. He refused to allow the officers entry into the home without a warrant. Both sides of the fight eventually came to blows and Marcus told the police that he wished to give his children a proper goodbye.

He disappeared into the house and closed the door behind him. Ruby and Sofina were shouting to the police that Marcus was going to hurt the kids. One of Marcus' sons told police that his father owned a .22 caliber pistol. With this knowledge laid at their feet, the Fresno police called in for a SWAT team.

During this standoff, there were several witnesses that reported hearing gunshots. But that did nothing as the police didn’t move to try to stop the massacre that began. The police would deny hearing gunshots and they were backed up by the chief of police.

Marcus would reemerge from the house an hour and 20 minutes later with his clothing stained in blood. Around 9 pm, the officers then chose to actually do something, and they rushed inside the house yelling for the children and letting them know it was safe to come out. While they were doing that, Marcus was outside being arrested. Officer Eloy Escareno was shocked and disgusted by what he saw inside the house. In the living room, he found 10 mahogany caskets stacked up alongside the living room wall. When he went down the hall towards the back of the house while the other officers checked the rest of the rooms. Eloy opened a closed door and entered. The room was so dark he had to use his flashlight in one hand, while he held his gun in the other. As he looked around the room with his dim flashlight, he saw what he called an “indistinct mass” on the floor. He felt around the walls for a light switch and flipped it and the lights came on.

What he saw when the lights came on was extremely reminiscent of a horror movie. There was a literal pile of bodies on the floor. Babies, kids, young women. Each of the victims was shot in the eye and then stacked from youngest to oldest. Sebhrenah was on top of the pile with the .22 caliber tucked under her arm. There were 9 bodies lying there in total.

Blood pooled under the bodies, which were still warm. Eloy called for an ambulance as he checked for a pulse on each of the bodies. He never found one. He would scream in absolute rage and frustration at the absolute tragic loss of life until his colleagues came to remove him from the room. Eloy Escareno had literally walked into the largest mass murder in the city of Fresno’s history.

At 10:30 pm the coroners started bringing the victim's bodies out on gurneys. Police then closed off approximately a square quarter mile around the house. The yellow tape was not escapable. While that held off those that weren’t involved, the police officers, investigators and others worked through midnight going around and finding evidence. There were still bodies in the house at midnight, and it was said that it would take another 3 hours before all the rest of the bodies were removed.

The Details and Dirty Secrets Unveiled

The victims were:

  • 1-year-old Jeva St. Vladensvspry

  • 1 ½-year-old Seldona Vadra

  • 1 ½-year-old Marshey St. Christopher

  • 4-year-old Ethan St. Laurent

  • 7-year-old Jonathan St. Charles

  • 7-year-old Aviv Dominique

  • 8-year-old Illsbelle Carrie

  • 17-year-old Elizabeth Breani Kina

  • AND 25-year-old Sebhrenah April

The cause of death on each of their death certificates was “Perforation of the brain” caused by a gunshot wound.

The secrets and details that came out after the murders and arrest of Marcus Wesson would lead to unveiling the darkness within this man.

DNA tests would lead to this being the first dirty secret. Marcus Wesson was proven to be the father of all nine of the victims, seven of which were spawns from sexual relationships with his daughters and nieces. Elizabeth and Sebhrenah were the oldest of his two daughters that were born from his wife, and the seven others were the product of incestuous relationships.

The Trial, Verdict, and Sentencing

Marcus was held in the Fresno County Jail on a 9-million-dollar bail.

Marcus finally got a trial date in June of 2005 - a year after his arrest. This case wasn’t broadcast on the news as much as it would have and should have been because there was another pedophile in the spotlight at that time. A little someone named Michael Jackson.

The man that walked into that courtroom is not the same man that was arrested. When he was arrested, he weighed close to 300 pounds and had super long dreadlocks. The man that walked into the courtroom was half that weight and had short dreads. Seems prison changes a person or something, only in this case, it was physical and nothing more.

The trial took three months and had over 50 witnesses that took the stand. As the family took to the stand and told their tales, the jury truly learned the horrible things that happened in that house and the horror that Marcus inflicted upon his family.

His defense team claimed that Marcus killed no one. No fingerprint or gunshot residue told who really shot the gun and killed the family, the evidence was inconclusive. Though some of Marcus’ surviving children said that he had extreme control over his clan, and he himself said that the oldest daughter Sebhrenah was the one that did it. He would say “In this family, I am Christ himself, the ultimate authority figure who determines life and death”. So who really did it? We will never know Sabhrinah’s side, and Marus was adamant that he didn’t do it, that his daughter killed everyone younger than her and then killed herself. The jury declined to state that Marcus was the one that fired the fatal shots, but convicted him of murder anyways, more than likely because they found out that he persuaded his children into a suicide pact.

After two days of deliberation, Marcus got charged on 9 counts of first-degree murder and 14 counts of rape and molestation against his underage daughters and nieces. He would also be convicted on all counts. On June 27th, 2005, Marcus was sentenced to 102 years on the rape and molestation charges alone. He received the death penalty and was sent to San Quentin prison which is home to the nation’s largest death row.

In March of 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an addendum on the death penalty which would in turn spare Marus his life but would never be eligible for parole.

Marcus Wesson’s wife Rosemary took the stand and said she still loved Marcus and that she still considered herself to be his wife. She told the courts that Marcus bought the caskets from a

Second-hand store and was going to use them for a home renovation project. She denied knowing anything about his sexual relationships with his nieces and daughters. Prosecutors asked Rosemary why she didn’t ask who the father was when her children’s bellies began to look pregnant. Her reply was that it was rude to ask.

She’s as big of a piece of shit as he is. I can almost guarantee she knew wtf was going on, and willingly left her kids there with that monster.

As for the “Vampire King” as he called himself…well, he is still currently sitting on death row in prison, never to live in the outside world again. I’m all for death row and shit, but this fucker definitely deserved what he got…. the rest of his life in a tiny cell where he will just wither away and die - hopefully very slowly and in agony.

And that wraps up the case of an asshole with a God complex that should’ve just killed himself and saved all those babies.



Sliced Bread Ban

Wonder bread, sliced bread
Advertisement for the "NEW" sliced bread

One thing most people have as a staple in their kitchen is bread. Your go-to might be a PBJ for a quick snack, or when it's a rainy day or snowing you might go for the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup. Today all we have to do is reach in that familiar red, yellow, and blue spotted bag for a few slices to make one of these classic sandwiches. Be it whole grain, wheat, or white bread, as your favorite. For about two months our grandparents had to suffer even further during the second great war, without sliced bread.

Before 1928 every household more than likely had a bread knife and have to cut their own bread for toast and sandwiches. Unless you are extremely skillful with a knife you more than likely would end up with lopsided slices of bread one being either too thick or thin be it for your toaster or sandwich.

In 1912 Otto Frederick Rohwedder would come up with a prototype for the first single loaf bread slicing machine. Being a jeweler by trade and having a love of tinkering with gadgets and watches would lead him to create the first bread slicer. Otto would survey over 30,000 people and would find they all disliked the mess slicing their own bread would make. He would sell the three jewelry stores and get to work on a prototype for a bread-slicing machine. During the development of his life-changing invention, a fire broke out in the warehouse in 1916/17 sources were unclear when it happened, where he was working on the first prototype and it destroyed all his blueprints. Even with this set back he wouldn’t give up on his invention.

Rohwedder’s bread slicer operated with multiple serrated bands for cutting varying lengths of bread loaves. These blades could also be adjusted for slice thickness. It also was powered by a heavy-duty electric motor and operated by a foot pedal.

July 7, 1928 bread as we know it would change. The Chillicothe Baking Company in Chillicothe, Missouri would sell sliced bread for the first time in history with the help of Rohwedder’s invention. The first sliced bread was advertised as, Kleen Maid Sliced Bread, the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped.” Which was originally wrapped in wax paper, unlike the plastic bag we use today.

Now, you would think that this breakthrough in cutting-edge bread technology would cause loaves of bread to fly off the shelves but in reality, it didn’t sell very well because consumers didn’t really like the sloppy appearance. Along with the sloppy appearance pre-sliced bread would go stale faster.

After a heavy six months, Rohwedder’s first bread slicer would fall apart and, St. Louis baker, Gustav Papendick would purchase Rohwedder’s second bread slicer. Papendick and Rohwedder are credited with coming up with using U-shaped metal pins to keep the loaves together but it was an extra step people didn’t care for as you would have to remove the pins each time to take out a new slice of bread. Fink finally devised a way to keep the bread together longer without the use of the pins. After attempts with U-shaped pins and rubber bands, a simple cardboard tray would work. Bread sales would jump 80 percent in the St. Louis area after he would package it in plastic bags instead of wax paper.

Jumping to January 18, 1943, Secretary of Agriculture and Wartime Food Administration, Claude R. Wickard would impose a ban on sliced bread. It still isn’t very clear why he made this decision. It is believed it was to conserve resources on wheat, steel, and wax paper and to offset the cost of the $.10 (1.69 today) price increase of flour but there never really has been a clear explanation why. It is believed that it would help the conservation of wax paper since the presliced bread required thick wax paper to keep it fresh but, in reality, the bakeries had enough to last them for months on end. He would also impose that bakeries couldn’t sell their unsliced bread until it was 12 hours old. It mostly believed that it was to help conserve steel from having to make replacement parts for these bread slicers so the metals could be used for more important items for the armed forces.

The backlash was almost immediate, A housewife named Sue Forrester wrote a letter to The New York Times:

I should like to let you know how important sliced bread is to the morale and saneness of a household. My husband and four children are all in a rush before, during, and after breakfast. Without ready-sliced bread, I must do the slicing for toast. Two pieces for each, that's ten. For their lunches, I must cut by hand at least twenty slices for two sandwiches a piece. Afterward, I must make my own toast. Twenty-two slices of bread cut in a hurry.”

Restaurants, hotels, and railroads were given a 60-day grace period to prepare for this ban. But bakeries would be warned they would be hit by steep fines if they were caught slicing bread.

Less than a week later on January 24, Mayo Fiorello LaGuardia made a public announcement that bakeries that already own bread slicers could carry on using them. This would cause issues with bakers that didn’t have these machines.

Emile Fink that was a member of the New York City Bakers Advisory Committee would actually push for this ban and would later find himself in court a year later and fined for, slicing bread during the ban. His fine was 1,000 dollars equaling 16,916.18 today.

An article in Time Magazine on Feb 1, 1943, would state:

“To U.S. housewives it was almost as bad as gas rationing and a whale of a lot more trouble.” This article would also describe women would fumble with their grandmother’s serrated knives. With housewives not acquainted with slicing their own bread would come grief, cussing, and lopsided slices which even the toaster would refuse. Often with a mad dash to the corner bakery for rolls. But most homemakers sawed grimly on this war was getting pretty awful.”

Due to this ban the idiom.” The best thing since sliced bread” was born. This ban was actually causing bakeries to lose money anywhere between 5 and 10 percent of their sales. On March 8, 1943, the government would lift the ban on sliced bread as it wasn’t really saving a whole lot during the war effort.

The New York Times would print as a headline when the band was lifted:

Housewives who have risked thumbs and tempers slicing bread at home for nearly two months will find sliced loaves on the grocery store shelves tomorrow in most places.

Wickard would refuse to acknowledge the anger of both housewives and bakers and would simply just say “the saving were less than anticipated and it turned out there was enough wax paper to go around after all.

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