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Macabre Emporium

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Latest Episode

Due to April being a very busy month we will taking off the last two weeks, therefore, no new episodes until the first Wednesday of May!

See you soon!

And if you haven't already, listen to the latest episode (60) where we took over a podcast called Crimes, Killers, Cults and Beer.


   The Show

Sarah and David are a couple that have been together since 2015, and share a home in Indiana. They bring you a fresh new episode each week from their little shop o' horrors. You'll even get to meet their fur babies - Ginger, Lugosi and Salem. They make an appearance on the podcast from time to time, usually to scream for food or scritches or to just make their presence know.

Here, at Macabre Emporium, we don't believe in beating a dead horse so we tend to stay away from the larger, more well-known cases and stories by focusing on the lesser-known cases of True Crime, Weird History, the Paranormal, Urban Legends and Cryptids. We will also be throwing in bonus content once in a while for your entertainment.

If you remember only one thing from this website, let it be that you...remember to creep it real!

Creepy woods
Macabre Emporium Creators


David, host of Macabre Emporium
Macabre Emporium Logo
Sarah, host of Macabre Emporium

David Menges

Executive Producer & Host

Sarah Medlin

Social Media Manager & Host

Macabre Emporium Creators

Other Purrsonel

Lugosi, Majestic Dumbass of Macabre Emporium
Macabre Emporium's CEO of RBF, Ginger
Macabre Emporium's Ghost Chase, Salem




The Majestic Dumbass

Mama's Boy & Ghost Chaser 

Loud Mouth & CEO of RBF

Foggy forest

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